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  The Growth Rate of Chinese Textile Export Plumped in Nov. 2011;

According to latest Customs data, China textile and clothes export were 20.39 billion USD in Nov. rising 7.2% from the same period last year. But the growth rate plumped 29 percentage points from a year ago. The export growth rate was expecting further dropping in Dec.
From Jan. to Nov., the accumulated export of textile and clothes were 226.15 billion USD, rising 21.2% from a year ago. While the export growth rate went down 3 percentage points. Of which, the textile export were 86.37 billion USD, rising 23.9%; clothes export 139.78 billion USD, rising 19.6%.
The growth rate of textile and clothes export began to decrease since late half this year. The export growth rates were 25%, 26.4%, 14.8%, 10.4% and 7.2% from July to Nov.
Although the export value was still stable, considering the price rising this year, the export volume might be negative growth this year. It was reported early that the shares of Chinese textile and clothes in the US and EU markets both reduced 2-3 percentage points this year.

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